"If Abraham & Sarah could do it, we could too!!" - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer

A couple of months back, I asked for adoptive families to submit me their family story and a photo. I selected a few families to gift a session and images to. Adoption is close to our heart and I just strongly wanted to give back to some families who have given so much of themselves.

These folks have raised four biological children and they have 12 grandchildren. They began to foster through The Arrow Project several years ago and they have since fostered 33 children!! During the time of fostering, they felt led to adopt these three precious little boys! They decided if Abraham and Sarah could raise a small child later in life, then they could do it too! I fell in love with these boys too, especially the oldest, Robert. I wanted to take him home with me. He has such a calm spirit. His eyes seem so wise to me.

Is God calling YOU to do something remarkable like this family? Could you open your home to beautiful little ones who aren't yours biologically?