Baby love - Lake Jackson, TX newborn photographer

So...a year or so ago, I said I wasn't going to work with newborns anymore. I know, I know, probably not the best way to start a newborn blog post. But sometimes I say things that I don't completely mean. I think I'm rediscovering my love of working with newborns, but I've realized that I really have to do it the way that works for me. There are some astounding, flat our miracle workers locally when it comes to newborns. I really don't consider myself one of those. And I think in trying to be one of those miracle workers, I began to tell myself that perhaps I should just leave the newborn work to them. But I believe that there is a beautiful and honest way to capture newborns that is very much my style. I just need to stay true to me and what I love. And that includes family involvement in as many of the photos as I can.

And this doll was very kind to me. Such a sweet, perfect little gentleman.