John - Senior 2015 - Lake Jackson, TX senior photographer

I have no doubt that this handsome young man will excel at life, just as he's done with school. (Because school isn't real life, you know.) Whichever University John decides to go to will be lucky to have him. I sensed a very wise and gentle "old soul" in him. Seriously, just look at those eyes. The top most black and white photo is my absolute favorite of the session. John, I'll look forward to hearing, through the grapevine, of the many outstanding things you continue to do!

Beautiful Anju - Lake Jackson, TX senior photographer

I've had the honor of working with this family for several years. All of the children...I mean, young adults :-) in this family are just so strikingly beautiful. I love these photos. I think they capture Anju's kind and calm spirit, but are still playful. I have no doubt that this lady will achieve her goal of being an amazing doctor, just like her daddy.

Bethany - senior 2012 - Lake Jackson, TX senior photographer

Bethany is so beautiful and was so relaxed to work with. After Bethany's session, I came home and wrote this on facebook... "When I get home from a shoot and I feel like I've truly captured the essence of the person I was working with, like really captured who they are, not just their clothes or their surroundings, I know again that I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing." I just love these photos and I find them very relaxed and refreshing. I so love this job!

Annie - senior 2012 - Lake Jackson, TX senior photographer

I've had the privilege of working with this family a couple of other times in the last few years. It had been four years since I had seen Annie. I couldn't believe how much she's grown up! She's turned into such a lovely young lady. She brought lots of cool stuff with her to use and I just absolutely love how her photos have turned out. I had a super hard time narrowing it down for the blog. We went out to a couple of locations in East Columbia, TX that I hadn't used before. Her session was just very refreshing and fun! I get home from a session like this and I just have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Ashley - senior 2012

I met up with Ashley a week ago for her senior pictures. The sky looked ominous, but we thought we would give it a go anyway. We did a few indoor shots and then the sky decided to turn on us and the rain started coming down. So... we met back up a few days later and finished up. Monday was a much more beautiful day for photos. Ashley is such a lovely girl and also super talented. I hope these photos capture the spirit of who she is.

Joanna - Senior 2011 - Lake Jackson, TX senior photographer

Yes, still behind on blogging. Here is the beautiful Joanna! I love love love how her senior pictures turned out. She used some of her artwork and chalk drawing skills to create truly unique senior pictures. I really enjoyed getting to know her and seeing her talent on display. And just so you know, we did NOT go on private property for some of her photos and get sort of chased off by two men late at night. Nope, that didn't happen. Promise. Anyway, enjoy her beautiful senior pictures.

custom mini albums

These are so crazy cute! I finally ordered these 3X3 mini albums of our family photos and I just love them. These come in packs of 3 and are $30 per album, so $90 for all three. They are totally custom per client and can include up to 12 images, including the front and back covers. They also have a nifty magnetic closure. Great for your purse or for grandparents.