Too many favorites - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX child photographer

These might just be my most favorite family photos that I've ever taken. Seriously. The colors, the light, the beautiful faces... And yes, I know there are more of the little guy than his brother and sister. I usually try to keep things fair around here, but I know that since he's child number three, there might not be as many photos of him. Plus, I just couldn't help myself.

This sweet momma is the director of the preschool that my kids attended. She has poured so much of her time into my three youngest kids, I just can't even tell you. It takes a village and she's been part of mine. What an honor to know them and capture these photos for them!

Baby Jack and his family - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX baby photographer

This is Jack's second session in his baby plan.* He and his sister are both little cutie pies! And their parents are just about the most relaxed parents I've ever worked with. So refreshing!! I'm looking forward to capturing this little guy as he learns to walk. Maybe the next exciting! Thank you guys for allowing me the opportunity to watch your little ones grow.

*If you're interested in purchasing a baby plan for yourself or a loved one, shoot me an email and I'll get you the details. It's a good deal.

Neighbors!! - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX child photographer

This wonderful family lives right across the street from us! They help us populate our street with lots of kids. There are times when there are 13 or more kids playing outside on our street at the same time. It's been an honor and privilege to live near these guys and call them friends. Here's to many more years of sitting in lawn chairs in your driveway, yelling "CAR!!" every few minutes. :-)

She gets the award - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX child photographer

This little one wins "The Most Cooperative and Outstanding Two Year Old in the History of Ever" Award!! She was seriously so amazing!!! It's not secret that two and three year olds aren't always the *easiest* little people to work with. So I'm always kind of mentally prepared for whatever mayhem may arise, but Abigail was just so wonderful!! And it's been an honor to get to know her parents. They're just cool folks!

We went to the museum - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX child phototographer

This session was before Christmas. Yes, I know... Anyway, the weather was not great and I have been wanting to take pictures here at out local Arts and Sciences Museum. This ended being a great place for the boys to play and explore. I love what we were able to capture!

And he's this same little guy a year ago. It's hard to believe how much they change in a year. Happy birthday, sweet boy!

Love times three - Lake Jackson, TX family child photographer

This is seriously one of the cutest families I know. I loved working with these guys. I love the colors, the smiles, the personality. I love everything about these photos. And now that we're several weeks out, I can say that these photos were even worth getting chiggers for. That's, my son, at least three of the folks in this family all got chiggers from rolling around in that grass! Itchy itchy!

For G-ma - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer

I met up with this family a few weeks back. They wanted to get together to get some pictures for G-ma. This ended up being a rather chilly morning for our area, but the kids were troopers and we got some great stuff. Because of the kids' ages, there are some funny "outtakes." You just never know what's going to happen when you're working with kiddos. :-)

Brady walks - Lake Jackson, TX child photographer

Over Spring Break, we took our family of six to visit Phillip's brother and his family in Temple. It was very busy and I really didn't have a whole lot of opportunities to take many pictures. But we took a few minutes at the park to get some of Brady showing off his walking skills. We just love this baby so much! He lights up the room, or the park, in this case.

One of "the middles" - Lake Jackson, TX child photographer

Brittany and Mikey are known around here as "the middles." They are 15 months apart, stuck in between our two other kids. They are joined at the hip most of the time. They have conversations that we can't follow. They play games that we don't understand. They hold hands and walk through the yard for no apparent reason. Mikey calls her "Britt" and Brittany calls him "Mike." I believe they will be lifelong friends. It's been really cool to witness over this past year.