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Little Abe - Lake Jackson, TX newborn photographer - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer

This little guy is just so sweet. I loved getting to hang out with him and his parents. And his mom has super great decorating tastes! Their house was just the perfect place for his newborn photos. I know that Abe's parents are going to be fantastic at this whole parenting thing. Thankfully his daddy knows just how to sing him to sleep. <3

Baby Jack and his family - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX baby photographer

This is Jack's second session in his baby plan.* He and his sister are both little cutie pies! And their parents are just about the most relaxed parents I've ever worked with. So refreshing!! I'm looking forward to capturing this little guy as he learns to walk. Maybe the next exciting! Thank you guys for allowing me the opportunity to watch your little ones grow.

*If you're interested in purchasing a baby plan for yourself or a loved one, shoot me an email and I'll get you the details. It's a good deal.

Baby love - Lake Jackson, TX newborn photographer

So...a year or so ago, I said I wasn't going to work with newborns anymore. I know, I know, probably not the best way to start a newborn blog post. But sometimes I say things that I don't completely mean. I think I'm rediscovering my love of working with newborns, but I've realized that I really have to do it the way that works for me. There are some astounding, flat our miracle workers locally when it comes to newborns. I really don't consider myself one of those. And I think in trying to be one of those miracle workers, I began to tell myself that perhaps I should just leave the newborn work to them. But I believe that there is a beautiful and honest way to capture newborns that is very much my style. I just need to stay true to me and what I love. And that includes family involvement in as many of the photos as I can.

And this doll was very kind to me. Such a sweet, perfect little gentleman.

She gets the award - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX child photographer

This little one wins "The Most Cooperative and Outstanding Two Year Old in the History of Ever" Award!! She was seriously so amazing!!! It's not secret that two and three year olds aren't always the *easiest* little people to work with. So I'm always kind of mentally prepared for whatever mayhem may arise, but Abigail was just so wonderful!! And it's been an honor to get to know her parents. They're just cool folks!

We went to the museum - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX child phototographer

This session was before Christmas. Yes, I know... Anyway, the weather was not great and I have been wanting to take pictures here at out local Arts and Sciences Museum. This ended being a great place for the boys to play and explore. I love what we were able to capture!

And he's this same little guy a year ago. It's hard to believe how much they change in a year. Happy birthday, sweet boy!

Meet Oliver - Lake Jackson, TX birth photographer

I think this is the 6th birth that I've photographed and it was totally my favorite because this little guy is our new nephew!! It was just such an honor to be there and be able to help tell his birth story through pictures. I had a hard time narrowing it down for this post because I just want to share them all!! So anyway, meet our new nephew, Oliver. He cleans up pretty nice.

custom mini albums

These are so crazy cute! I finally ordered these 3X3 mini albums of our family photos and I just love them. These come in packs of 3 and are $30 per album, so $90 for all three. They are totally custom per client and can include up to 12 images, including the front and back covers. They also have a nifty magnetic closure. Great for your purse or for grandparents.