Country living - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Jones Creek, TX family photographer

I live in Lake Jackson, which is really only about 15 miles at the most from where this beautiful family lives. But it feels like a different world. Here in Lake Jackson, we can't have ANY kind of livestock. So even though I'm just a few miles away from folks who have lots of livestock, I rarely actually see or photograph any.

Anyway, this was a treat for me. I really wanted to hop on that beautiful horse, but he quickly would have realized that I had no idea what I was doing! His little owner is practically a pro. She just hops on him bareback. :-)

Little Abe - Lake Jackson, TX newborn photographer - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer

This little guy is just so sweet. I loved getting to hang out with him and his parents. And his mom has super great decorating tastes! Their house was just the perfect place for his newborn photos. I know that Abe's parents are going to be fantastic at this whole parenting thing. Thankfully his daddy knows just how to sing him to sleep. <3

Too many favorites - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX child photographer

These might just be my most favorite family photos that I've ever taken. Seriously. The colors, the light, the beautiful faces... And yes, I know there are more of the little guy than his brother and sister. I usually try to keep things fair around here, but I know that since he's child number three, there might not be as many photos of him. Plus, I just couldn't help myself.

This sweet momma is the director of the preschool that my kids attended. She has poured so much of her time into my three youngest kids, I just can't even tell you. It takes a village and she's been part of mine. What an honor to know them and capture these photos for them!

Baby Jack and his family - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX baby photographer

This is Jack's second session in his baby plan.* He and his sister are both little cutie pies! And their parents are just about the most relaxed parents I've ever worked with. So refreshing!! I'm looking forward to capturing this little guy as he learns to walk. Maybe the next exciting! Thank you guys for allowing me the opportunity to watch your little ones grow.

*If you're interested in purchasing a baby plan for yourself or a loved one, shoot me an email and I'll get you the details. It's a good deal.

Neighbors!! - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer - Lake Jackson, TX child photographer

This wonderful family lives right across the street from us! They help us populate our street with lots of kids. There are times when there are 13 or more kids playing outside on our street at the same time. It's been an honor and privilege to live near these guys and call them friends. Here's to many more years of sitting in lawn chairs in your driveway, yelling "CAR!!" every few minutes. :-)

John - Senior 2015 - Lake Jackson, TX senior photographer

I have no doubt that this handsome young man will excel at life, just as he's done with school. (Because school isn't real life, you know.) Whichever University John decides to go to will be lucky to have him. I sensed a very wise and gentle "old soul" in him. Seriously, just look at those eyes. The top most black and white photo is my absolute favorite of the session. John, I'll look forward to hearing, through the grapevine, of the many outstanding things you continue to do!

11 weeks!!! YIKES! *holiday card special* - Lake Jackson, TX family photographer

Is it really only 11 weeks until Christmas? Did I count wrong? It can't be! I have a few spots open for Fall family photos. If you want cards and photo gifts in time for Christmas, now is the time to book! If you book AND pre-purchase your gallery CD by October 15th, you will receive 25 FREE custom holiday cards. This offer will not be available after October 15th. So to sum it up, that's a one hour session, gallery CD with rights to print, and 25 custom holiday cards for $550, plus tax.

And just for fun, here's our family card from last Christmas. :-)